Where Is Social Justice? Elderly Man Tied Up, Wife and Underage Daughters Raped on South African Farm

Racism is evil, which is verified by the violence that comes out of these haters, who hate for no reason, other than someone’s skin color/race.

South Africa’s decades of racism officially ended on April 27, 1994, with the election of Nelson Mandela as the first black president of South Africa.

Although Apartheid was abolished in South Africa, and overt racism against black people is on the decline, some argue institutional racism is still common.

While there has been a reduction in white on black attacks in South Africa, there has been a rapid increase in black on white racist speech and violence during the same period.

Another tragedy has taken place.

A 73-year-old man was tied up and beaten by home invaders who raped his wife, aged 46, and daughters, aged 15 and 11, in Muldersdrift, South Africa.

The attack, which took place at a farm, according to the Pretoria East Rekord, citing a report in the Krugersdorp News, is believed to have been perpetrated by an armed gang who were also involved in incidents at Zwartkop, Nooitgedacht, and Beyers Naudé, and are still at large.

“They demanded money and, when they could not find it, they assaulted him, searched him and took his cellphone. The suspects took the victim’s wife, 46, and his daughters, aged 15 and 11, to another room and raped them,” said police spokesman Constable Boitumelo Sehloho, in comments quoted by News24.

“These crimes are committed by three to six suspects armed with handguns. In all reported incidents, the suspects forcefully gained entry into victims’ homes. In some house robberies, victims were sexually assaulted,” Sehloho said.

“Members of the community are urged to be vigilant and tighten their home security before and not after the fact and to be alert in their homes between 19:00 and 04:00 and also to report any suspicious movement,” he added.

How Prevalent Is Racism Against White People?

From Wikipedia

Afrobarometer research has indicated that perceptions of discrimination have increased significantly amongst citizens from minority race groups since 2011, especially among those of Indian ethnicity.

It has been opinionated that racism against white people goes largely ignored in South Africa, and that political parties like the African National Congress and the Economic Freedom Fighters foment discontent and racial animosity for political purposes.

Democratic Alliance MP Gwen Ngwenya has accused South Africans of “hypocrisy and dishonesty of treating black South Africans as the victims”, noting that racism aimed at white people elicits little reaction from the populace.

A comparative study by trade union Solidarity confirmed that South African media give more attention to white-on-black racism; it also found that the South African Human Rights Commission is much more likely to self-initiate investigations into white-on-black racism, and is more lenient in cases of black-on-white racism.

During 2014, Knowledge Mandlazi and John Tivane embarked on a killing spree in the Brits farming area. Knowledge Mandlazi was convicted of murdering 5 white men and was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment.

In court Mandlazi stated he was motivated by a hatred for white people because of a series of “bad experiences” with whites in the past, but the judge rejected this reasoning than motivation actually being pure greed. While Mandlazi was led out of the courtroom after his conviction he gave the middle finger to the surviving victims in the gallery. His accomplice, John Tivane, a Mozambique native, was sentenced to three life terms and more than 100 years in jail.

The debate gained wider prominence when U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that he had tasked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to “closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers” in 2018.

Only God can heal nations, so keep South Africa in your prayers, and may the racist people’s efforts fail and may those who are called, speak boldly, and help bring all people together.


  • Sounds like America under devildemocommiecrats, blacks can commit any crime and be excused because they are “oppressed people of color”!!!!!

  • Under white rule South Africa was exporting food and the monetary value was rising. Under black rule they now have to import food and the value of their currency is crashing. They took over operating farms and couldn’t even operate something already set up for them. Is it no wonder the African nations never advanced even though civilization started in Africa/middle east.

  • The South African Governemtn will make it up to them by not bringing the perpetrators to justice and expropriating their land without compensations and kicking them off their property.

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