WH Press Sec McEnany Embarrasses Reporter When He Asks What Crime Was Committed In ObamaGate

If one were asked to name a MVP from the Trump administration (excluding the bossman) I think many supporters, myself included, would have to hand the award to Ms. McEnany.  Day in and day out she can be found handing activist ‘reporters” hind quarters to them.

Our friends at 100% Fed Up, who have been going great work for years now, found another gem today.  I think you will enjoy this one very, very much!

100% FED UP Reported: A reporter asked Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany a question that he must have immediately regretted asking. She’s a bulldog who is fantastic responding to questions from the White House Press Corps.

The aggressive and incompetent reporter referred to President Trump, saying that “people should be jailed” during an interview with Maria Bartiromo. He then asked what crime was committed.

McEnany immediately went into listing the crimes committed.

“What crime was committed?”

The question from the reporter is at the one minute point in the video:

While the leftist media and Democrats try to say that unmasking is no big deal, it’s important for the facts to get out to the American people. The video clip below shows different reporters downplaying the unmasking:

McEnany does a fantastic job of answering questions about ObamaGate but the Republicans need to continue with messaging to get the truth out.

She’s a freaking ROCKSTAR!

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