[WATCH] Video Captures Cartel GUN BATTLE on the Border as Democrats Push for Sweeping Immigration Bill

A gun battle by cartels on the Mexican side of the border emphasizes just how dangerous Joe Biden’s open borders really is. When you have an open battle with automatic weapons, it’s serious.

Harris Faulkner played a video and then spoke to Rep. August Pfluger (R-Texas) about the crises at the border and just how truly dangerous the Democrat’s open border policy really is. And believe me it’s bad.

In the opening segment, a former Border Patrol captain is producing a report from the Texas-Mexico border when the gun battle begins.

Obviously, the cartels feel they have nothing to fear from American authorities who are basically on the border just to stand down and to take no meaningful action on detaining illegals coming into the country without testing for COVID-19 or doing background checks.

Faulkner called the border situation crisis even though Democrats refuse to use that word. But Biden has sent in FEMA, whose job it is to come in and manage disasters and to provide relief.

Republicans warned that this would happen if Biden were elected.

Now, many people are left with buyer’s remorse as the Democrats move forward with the most radical agenda ever seen in this country.

You can watch the video here.

It also demonstrates their political priorities, which don’t include American citizens or workers.

Their entire agenda is just a way of trying to cement power by opening new ways to cheat in an election, leaving the country with a one-party system.

The voters will side with the Republicans in 2022 but unfortunately, the people counting the votes will not.

From PJ Media

At the same time, Biden’s not demanding COVID testing at the border. Biden’s and the Democrats’ abuse of the border states and their resources may be unprecedented in American history. Biden isn’t merely neglecting to do his job, he’s actively refusing to do it, and distorting information about its origins and dimensions. At the same time, he and his party are seeking to curb Americans’ self-defense rights while members of his party decriminalize criminal activity and defund police.

All of this is already adding up to more danger on American streets.

Pfluger says that going by the administration’s own numbers, we’re seeing 4,000 to 5,000 illegal border crossings per day. Faulker notes that during the Obama administration, 1,000 illegal crossings was considered a “bad day.” Rep. Pfluger also notes that the chaos is benefiting the cartels and traffickers — drug and human traffickers.

This also stands in sharp contrast with the Trump administration, which fought the Democrats to secure the border, and battled human trafficking while calling attention to and fighting the opioid addiction crisis.



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