Watch: Black Lives Matter Rioters in Hollywood Chase Down and Attack Driver

It was just another ‘peaceful protest,’ this time in Los Angeles, California, a city with rich history when it comes to rioting and civil unrest. In this instance a white Prius was apparently trying to maneuver its was through the mob when BLM ‘protesters’ ‘ hopped in a car and chased down’ the vehicle.  Their actions caused a car accident, and for good measure they also physically attacked the driver, the Gateway Pundit reported

In true California style, the incident was captured on camera by a ‘choppa,’ as Arnold would say.

CBS LA reporter Mike Rogers tweeted: “A person driving a white Prius was chased down and by protesters after trying to drive through the crowd in #Hollywood. The group that chased the driver began hitting the car and possibly broke a window,” along with the video of the event.

GWP reported: ‘As the reporter in the helicopter noted, the driver of the Prius did not seem to be attempting to run down any protesters, but was attempting to carefully maneuver through the crowd.

The Prius drove several blocks before a vehicle containing the rioters pulled up and cut them off. When they tried to back up to get away, they hit another car, the driver of which seemed to know the rioters in the other car.

The man who jumped out of the first vehicle began physically assaulting the driver through the window before they were able to escape.

The driver of the Prius was detained.’

‘Prius drives through a protest in Hollywood, protestors then chase the vehicle down, smash the windows with a skateboard while attempting to pull the driver out of the car. The driver then speeds away and is pulled over by LAPD and handcuffed,” NBC LA reporter Kenny Holmes tweeted with a video.

The LAPD later tweeted that there were no injuries and that all drivers and victims have been identified.’

The investigation is ongoing, and so are the riots across the country, stay tuned for more …

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