Trump Responds To Coronavirus Politics Pointing Out That Democrats and Fake News Media Are ‘The Hoax’

On Saturday, President Donald Trump took a shot at how Democrats and the fake news media are reporting on information about the Coronavirus.

They are intentionally trying to cause a panic in an effort to cause the American people to lose faith in the president and his administration’s efforts to handle the coronavirus. Consequently, they want to tank the economy, because they believe if the economy goes south, Trump will be blamed, and it will harm him in November.

People who are elected to office and intentionally lie to make their constituents go into panic mode and tank their present and future prosperity for politics, rather than try everything they can to help protect their own people, are a piece of garbage.

“Our country is prepared for any circumstance. We hope it’s not going to be a major circumstance.

It’ll be a smaller circumstance. But whatever the circumstances, we’re prepared,” Trump said in Washington during a press conference.

“And I’d like to just ask and caution that the media, we would respectfully ask the media and politicians and everybody else involved not do anything to incite a panic.

Because there’s no reason to panic at all.

This is something that is being handled professionally.”

The president was later questioned about claims he called the Coronavirus a “hoax,” which, of course, he didn’t.

Trump was talking about the coverage of the coronavirus by the Fake News media and the Democrats.

The president explained:

“Hoax, referring to the action that they (Democrats) take to try and pin this on somebody because we’ve done such a good job. The ‘hoax’ is on them. Not -I’m not talking about what’s happening here. I’m talking what they are doing. That’s the hoax,” Trump said.

“That’s just a continuation of the hoax, whether it’s the impeachment hoax or the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, this is what I’m talking about. Certainly not referring to this. How could anybody refer to this? This is very serious. But the way they referred to it, because these people have done such an incredible job and I don’t like it when they are criticizing these people. And that’s the hoax, that’s what I’m talking about,” Trump added.

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