Trump Asked Chinese Propagandist During Briefing If She Works For China, And She Lied [VIDEO]

A remarkable scene took place on Monday during the White House daily DTMNBN-19 pandemic press briefing.  President Trump’s instincts are usually right. After a hostile question from an Asian reporter, President Donald Trump asked her a question of his own.  The president asked the reporter if she was working for the government of China. She replied no to the question, and said that the company she works for, Phoenix Media TV, is “privately” owned. Hong Kong Phoenix TV Reporter: Are you cooperating with China? TRUMP: “Who are you working for, China?” Reporter: “No, I’m working for Hong Kong Phoenix TV.”
Trump interrogated her answer. “Who owns that, China? Is it owned by the state?”
Reporter: “It’s based in Hong Kong.”
TRUMP: “No, is it owned by the state?”
Reporter: “No, it’s not, it’s a privately owned company.”
WATCH: You can’t trust anything coming out of China. She’s lying through her teeth. The Hong Kong/Cayman Islands based Phoenix Media is definitely owned in large part by the Chinese Communist Party (a.k.a. the Chi-Coms) and a former Chi-Com propaganda officer, a Chinese bullschtein expert. Phoenix Satellite Holdings, as of 2018, was owned by Liu Changle with 37 percent of shares.  Changle is a “former PLA propaganda official who is close to senior Chinese government leaders”. Changle was a propaganda officer for China National Radio, which was then called the Central People’s Broadcasting Station with close ties to senior Chinese government leaders”.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?  Today, the man has a net work of about $1 billion.  That’s excellent pay if you can get it.  #EyeRoll An additional 20 percent of the company is owned by Extra Step Investments Ltd., which is actually owned by China Mobile Hong Kong, itself being owned by the Chinese government-owned China Mobile. An additional 8 percent of the company is owned by China Wise Investment Ltd, owned by the Bank of China, the same bank that gave a $1.5 billion contract to Hunter Biden after he went along with his father, then Vice President Joe Biden, on a trip to China on Air Force II. You need a program to keep up with the layers of deceit. This implies a minimum of 65 percent of the company is owned by the communist government of China. For this woman journalist, Youyou Wang, to say that she works for a private company is an outright, bald-faced lie.  It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from the communist Chinese government.  You can’t believe anything they say. The White House Correspondents Association must certainly answer to why they are permitting a CCP propagandist a seat in the White House Press Briefing Room.

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