Social Justice? Goodyear Stock Plunges After President Trump Says BOYCOTT!

A few days ago I wrote about a photo posted online, showing a slide from a training class at Goodyear Tires.

It was a report by WIBW-TV in Topeka, Kansas, that said some employees at a Goodyear plant there were told that that the company had “zero tolerance” for employees wearing clothing with “MAGA” on them, as well as phrases like “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter.”


Regardless of the official name of the training, it looks like a Social Justice Warrior promotion piece. Police, Trump bad. BLM, Homosexuals good.

Shortly after this was released, President Trump wrote on Twitter, where he has 85 million followers, “Don’t buy GOODYEAR TIRES – They announced a BAN ON MAGA HATS.

Get better tires for far less! (This is what the Radical Left Democrats do. Two can play the same game, and we have to start playing it now!).”


As a result of Trump’s tweet, and thousands of articles like mine flooding the Internet, the tire maker took a hit in the markets.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s stock prices plummeted 6% after President Donald Trump called for a boycott of the company for banning “Make America Great Again” hats and “Blue Lives Matter” messages.

“One minute later, shares of Ohio-based Goodyear fell to an intraday low of $9.15, representing an intraday decline of 6%,” Business Insider reported.

Shares of Goodyear are down 40% year-to-date.

Goodyear replied to the image in a press release, denying it was from their diversity training class.



“Third and finally Goodyear has always wholeheartedly supported both equality and law enforcement and will continue to do so.”


Only the people in the training class know for sure what was in the slides.

What we do know is this.


Without the constant attacks from the radical left, forcing their social agenda on companies and employees and their cancel culture’s targeting of conservative talk show hosts and businesses, this would not have happened.

Goodyear should go back to making tires and stay out of the SJW cultural divide.


    • I remember seeing this days ago, thank you sir for your input to get the message out there. I love the results, good job!


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