President Donald Trump Just Humiliated Utah Sen Mitt Romney And It Was Fantastic, The President Embarrassed Him By Deciding To Leave Him off Task Force

President Donald Trump just laid the smack down on Utah Sen. Mitt Romney and with good reason, as many consider him a RINO.

A RINO is a Republican in Name Only and that is what many, including President Trump, believe he is after his vote to impeach the president.


That’s why is was a well deserved slap in the face that was handed to Sen. Romney when the president announced the bipartisan group of senators chosen to be on the committee to restart the economy.

The group is comprised of senators from both parties, including every single Republican except for Romney.

The consortium, known as the “Opening Up American Again Congressional Group,” even has two dozen Democrat senators on it, The New York Post reported.

But President Trump does not like traitors and he does not put people he does not trust in high positions.


A spokeswoman for Romney confirmed to The Hill that the senator was not invited to take part in the task force.

Romney also was not included on a phone call on Thursday in which Trump spoke with senators of both parties about the coronavirus, a senior administration official told USA Today.

Asked about why Romney was not welcomed, the official simply said, “He wasn’t invited.”

Romney, the GOP’s nominee for president in 2012, has been a frequent critic of the president, who called him a “pompous ass” in a tweet after the senator criticized him for urging foreign leaders to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.

He was the only GOP senator to vote to convict Trump of abuse of power, but the bad blood between the two goes back years.


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