No Longer Conspiracy Theory: Democrat Senatorial Candidate Announces Support for Packing the Supreme Court

I think the biggest secret (that is really no secret at all) is that if the Democrats gain control of the Senate, and the White House, America will be unrecognizable in four years … if she lasts that long.  This is not even factoring in what could happen if the Democrats take the House of Representatives too.

In such a case, all bets are off.  Expect to see ‘New Deal’ style socialism with a ‘green’ facade.  Expect new States to be added to the Union (D.C. and Puerto Rico) resulting in a complete and total shift in the balance of power in the Senate.

Also … court packing.  The Democrats have done this before, and for the same reason IMHO, to push through unconstitutional and socialist measures that will send America on the path the ruin … at a much higher speed.

[Opinion] Montana US Senate candidate wants to pack the Supreme Court.

At a time when most Democrats refuse to say whether they favor packing the Supreme court. One US Senate candidate is openly voicing his support for court packing.

Steve Bullock,  challenging Republican Sen. Steve Daines in Montana had previously claimed that he was not in favor of court packing, but now says he favors it.

There are several Democrats who say they are against court packing but don’t believe it. One, Mark Kelly in Arizona has been denying policies witch has advocated for years.

He cannot be trusted. He has always been for gun confiscation but he claims he does not want to seize guns.

Some of the candidates who say they do not favor packing the court includes Jon Ossoff, the Democratic challenger to Republican Sen. David Perdue in Georgia.

Democrat Theresa Greenfield, who is challenging Republican Sen. Joni Ernst in Iowa; Democrat Sara Gideon, who is taking on Republican Sen. Susan Collins in Maine; and Democrat Cal Cunningham, who is up against Sen. Thom Tillis in North Carolina all claim the are a no vote. But don’t bet the farm on it.

Joe Biden says that it is none of the voters rights to know what his position on court packing is. But I assume he favors it because saying no would not cost him votes.

It is supreme chutzpah to say voters have no right to know what a candidate would do as president.

Biden said:

“They’re violating the Constitution now I’m not going to play Trump’s game. Right now, my entire focus is seeing to it that the American people get a chance – the election has already started – to have their say on who the next Supreme Court justice is. And that’s what I’m focused on.”

This is just one more lie from Biden. The appointment of a Supreme Court justice is constitutional. There is nothing in that document that says you have to stop doing your duty before an election. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was confirmed just 46 days before a presidential election.

From Fox News

John Hickenlooper, challenging Republican Sen. Cory Gardner in Colorado, has repeatedly declined to weigh in on the issue.

“I’m not going to answer your question, just because I can’t believe they’re going to go through with this,” he told the Denver Post of pushing through Trump’s nominee before the election.

Steve Bullock, challenging Republican Sen. Steve Daines in Montana, was open to the idea of court-packing in his presidential bid last year, but reversed course recently through a spokesperson.

Bullock “doesn’t believe that in this hyper-political time that it’s a conversation to be having or that this is a solution to the challenges we face now,” spokeswoman Olivia Bercow said in a statement to Politico.

The Democrats are trying to put a false face on the push to confirm Amy Coney Barrett. She is much more qualified that Elena Kagan or Sonia Sotomayer, in my view.  Her nomination in a presidential election year is far from the first time this has happened.

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