METRICS DON’T LIE: White House Bleeding Interest, Disabled Comments on Government YouTube Channel

Imagine if President Donald J. Trump had done this!  The left can not help themselves from squelching the voices of Americans. In a power-drunk move, because they believe they own the entire Government now, we find out that the Democrat Joe Biden administration has disabled the comment section on their government videos.

The left exposes their situational ethics again, and we are only on day 2 of this administration.

Emma Rechenberg, a reporter, posted a question to the Press Secretary, who apparently did not answer:

“Question for @POTUS— Cc@PressSec The WH YouTube account has turned off comments for the Inauguration video. Is there a reason why viewers aren’t allowed to comment on their thoughts? Will the WH block comments for future videos?”

On Wednesday, Shown was the swearing-in ceremony for Joe Biden, and something very suspicious happened, no one watched. Not only were there no house parties, no dancing in the streets, no celebrations in the heartland of America, no one attended the event in person, and no one watched it on Livestream.

We are told that Biden received 80 Million votes in a massive history victory. Even though Biden’s supporters were not invited to the ceremony, they were allowed to watch online, yet very few did.

Cassandra Fairbanks is a reporter for Gateway Pundit, and she reported a fascinating point of view, Biden’s video got far fewer views than a popular podcaster. One poster reacted and reported seeing even a few views which were watching live at the time.

The metrics also showed that the White House Offical channel was losing subscribers, carrying the live streams for the Trump administration.

Another interesting fact is that Biden’s Government account is at an unsurprising 5 Million.

One person reported how the Biden administration appears to be trying to manipulate the metrics, but it is too late because people know how to grab them in realtime.

Interesting was the Biden team’s virtue signaling about accepting comments from people they deem valuable and important.

Here, team, Biden is picking winners and losers.  The Disabled Community, who do deserve to be heard, will be heard by Biden on youtube comments.

The White House is also committing to WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility compliance and accepting comments from the disabled community on how to improve site accessibility. Biden supports the disabled whereas Trump mocks them,” one poster wrote in reaction to Biden’s Spanish White House Channel, where the comment section is open.

Reminder there is only a leftist fantasy that President Donald Trump mocked anyone with a disability.

Now you know, if you want to be heard by the Biden administration, be disabled and say what you need to say in Spanish.


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