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Media Kit

Changing The Way People Today's News & Events

We inspire, educate, entertain and empower our audience by delivering world-class content using state-of-the-art multi-media tools, in a highly informative, entertaining, and visually compelling format.

Spreely is groundbreaking, original in its own right, and is packed with never before seen content. We set out to be the #1 source for showcasing independent journalists, opinion vloggers, video producers and radio personalities. We didn’t plan on changing the way people around the world experience entertainment, but that’s an unintended consequence we’re prepared to live with.

Who We Are:

Spreely Broadcasting is a 24 hour, 7 day per week video and audio streaming network. Our programming is delivered to nearly 180 million Connected TV users via Roku, Amazon Fire and AppleTV and to over 120 million  listeners via Spotify, iHeart, Apple Podcasts  and more.

Our programming format is a combination of opinion talk video podcasts, documentaries and variety entertainment. The make up of the content is family friendly, thought provoking and appeals to a broad age demographic.

The Spreely Broadcasting Model

Tapping the New Media

Viewer confidence in the mainstream media is at an all time low. Corporate media bias has necessitated the return of citizen journalists and content creators. This coupled with the rapid development in mobile technology has seeded the new media’s ability to broadcast current / live events and independent commentary without legacy networks filtering it. 

In addition to breaking news and opinion, Spreely delivers entertainment from some of the brightest minds on the internet.

Spreely provides the bridge connecting content creators with the audience and advertisers.


250 Million

Total Audience Reach

5 Million

Monthly Views & Downloads

4 Million

Unique Website Visitors

75 Percent

Mobile Traffic

60 Percent

Age 17 - 44

63 Percent

Purchase Online Monthly

Spreely’s audience is almost evenly male and female and the majority (63%) say they make regular purchases and buying decisions online. The most impactful aspect of our listening and viewing base is that they are highly involved in their communities, knowledgeable about current events and consume content daily via the internet.

Why Advertise on Spreely?

As an advertiser on television, radio or the internet, it can be difficult to allocate a budget across multiple platforms. You have to create, monitor and re-allocate resources to create highly effective campaigns. 

But with Spreely, we solve a major part of that problem for you. Our programming is being broadcast on most of those advertising platforms already. Whether you advertise on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Digital Radio, Roku, Amazon FireTV or AppleTV. Your ads can reach much of the same audience with one single ad buy. 

Not only do we reach those prospective clients for you in real time, your ad is run every time the play button is clicked, a video is run on demand or a podcast is downloaded, in perpetuity. 

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