Man Nearly Murdered After Flying Trump Flag On His Truck

Everyday I see an article from a Biden campaign surrogate … I mean main steam media outlet, suggesting that if Trump wins there will be civil war and the left will have no choice but to respond with violence.  At the same time these same publications point fingers are people on the right and say that we are trying to incite violence and even work to get American citizens deplatformed from social media based on such allegations.

To the left, simply existing and being a conservative or constitutionalist is an incitement.  These folks have convinced themselves that anyone who does not share their hive mind philosophy of communism is a threat to their survival.  Many have figured out how to justify physical violence against those with whom they disagree politically as, not merely morally just, but their moral duty.

While conservatives try to do all we can try and head off any possibility of a violent confrontation with out friends on the left, Democrats are beating Trump supporters, severely beating Trump supporters, merely because they disagree with who they are voting for.  Keep in mind these are the same people who will tell you how important ‘democracy’ is.  Yes, the absurdity is palpable.

EDUARDO RIVERO| National File| A Trump supporter, Bailey Chase, was savagely assaulted by an anti-Trump mob while stopping at a gas station in Oklahoma City on Saturday, according to the social media posts and a GoFundMe set up by his brother, TJ Chase.

The man’s brother, TJ Chase, wrote about the assault on Twitter. In addition, Bailey’s family posted a GoFundMe to help cover his medical expenses, which further detailed the situation.

The attack took place when Bailey stopped at a gas station in the Bricktown neighborhood of Oklahoma City.  The vehicle in which Bailey was riding in had a Trump flag on it.

When a group of nearby men – described by TJ as “a large group of bikers” – saw the vehicle, they immediately started screaming at Bailey and his girlfriend.

“Get out of here,” the group told Bailey. “You don’t belong here.”

Bailey endured 28 stitches, a concussion and broke all his upper front teeth. The mob also “ripped” his girlfriend from his truck by her hair and beat her as well.

The mob went on to tear the “Trump flag off the truck and started stomping and dancing on it”, making clear that the attack was politically motivated.

TJ claimed that the attack on his brother was so brutal that it “nearly end[ed] his life”.

Local news outlet KOCO-TV confirmed the account with local police, adding that the police stated “the victim and his girlfriend were punched so hard that the man was bleeding from his nose, mouth and both eyes”.

This attack is the latest in a recent line of vicious mob assaults on Trump supporters in public places. READ MORE AT National

This is just another example of how unhinged the media has made the left become.  It is no longer safe to show you support for the president of the United States of America … in America.   I would venture to guess that you would be safer waving a Trump flag or an American flag in Hong Kong than you would be in a blue city.  Let that sink in for a moment …


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