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Lucretia Hughes Klucken is the co-founder of Fallback Productions Studio LLC, show host for Real News w/ Lucretia Hughes and a conservative activist for God, Family and Country. Lucretia is also a documentary filmmaker. Her journey in activism began in December of 2017 when she lost everything she’d worked for, even becoming homeless at one point. By June of 2018, she walked into the halls of Congress to address the house as an expert witness. This experience has given her a unique and insightful take on life that she hopes to bring to fellow Americans. 

Lucretia has spoken before congress on multiple occasions, at political rallies, business openings and other public events. She brings a high level of intensity and crowd involvement on topics ranging from free speech and censorship, gun owner’s rights and current events.

Her shows and documentaries have breathed new life back into minority communities. Her personal firebrand and daily talk show is like none other. I guarantee it.

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