Listen: Leaked Hunter Biden Audio File “I Represent the Effing Spy Chief of China in a $4 Billion Deal” Confesses To Stripper

 It’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate Democrats from hardcore Marxists.  Their willingness to destroy anyone who challenges their changing “progressive” orthodoxy, even the party’s former constituents, should frighten everyone.

Democrats were once the party of blue-collar union workers.  That lasted until they threw them overboard in favor of the Chinese Communists.

Blacks, long the backbone of the Neo-Marxist Democrats, have finally realized that they’ve been played for chumps, as well.

Likewise, liberal Jews are beginning to awaken to the fact that Democrat/Marxists are totalitarians and Jews have a tragic history of being turned into scapegoats by anti-Semitic totalitarians.

Now they’ve turned their venom on Rudy Giuliani, the man they elected NYC mayor to save their woebegotten city that was on the verge of collapse with unconscionably high crime rates and a mountain of debt.  

For Democratic/Marxists no one can stand in the way of their plans to reorganize America into a communist state.  

With Giuliani reported to be in possession of a laptop purported to belong to Hunter Biden – the son of the Democrat/Marxist’s presidential candidate – the party’s operatives and media sycophants will do anything to shut him up… anything from censoring him to destroying him.

Such is their loyalty… or lack of it… for the man who returned their city to its past glory.

For Democrat/Marxists, Giuliani’s revelations of the contents being gleaned from the laptop would be devastating to Joe Biden’s chances of being elected if they ever received a wide-ranging airing.



Listen to this clip from the former mayor’s radio show where you can hear for yourself , what is reported to be, Hunter Biden in his own words…

Hunter Biden: My father will not stop sending calls… [inaudible] My representation of Patrick Ho, the f*cking spy chief of China who started the company that my partner who is worth $323 billion founded, is now missing! 

The richest man in the world is missing who was my partner… We signed a $4 billion deal to build the f*cking largest f*cking LG company in the world…

How can Joe Biden deny his involvement when his son is complaining that “My father will not stop sending calls?”

How can Joe Biden deny being briefed by Obama’s Director of National Intelligence that his son had brokered a $4 billion deal with “the f*cking spy chief of China?” 

If Democrats were a legitimately patriotic political party, and not an organization given to fascism to achieve their socialist ideals by any means necessary, they would admit their candidate is compromised for the good of the country, and begin gearing up for 2024.

Sadly, it appears that they’re not loyal to the American ideal.  It appears Democrat/Marxists have come too far to their goal of gaining control of the United States’ capitalist engine room to turn back now.

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  • Can’t decide which is worse…
    The Biden’s betrayal of the TRUTH
    The media’s betrayal of the TRUTH


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