Leaked Docs: Democrats/FarLeft Fear Trump Will Even Win Minnesota, Plot Post-Election ‘Mass Mobilization’ [Opinion]

You know the left is getting desperate when they begin to look for excuses to ‘resist’ the outcome of an election, while telling you how much they support ‘democracy.’  These folks either have no idea what democracy is (doubtful) or have no interest in letting the public choose their leaders … unless they pick the communists.

This sounds to me like they are trying to prepare a narrative to cover for the crimes they plan on committing when Trump is announced are having been reelected.  Here is what Steven Ahle has to say about things:

[opinion] Far-left groups in Minnesota have been preparing for Trump’s win on Tuesday night. It calls for long term and large defiance against the will of the people. They are calling for a mass mobilization of forces. In other words, and in my estimation, they are planning a to revolt if they do not get their desired outcome in the election. They never learn.

The movement is being led by  TakeAction Minnesota. The document fell into the hands of Breitbart News. They have put it out there for everyone to share. It was intended as a guide for the following weeks. They are predicting a tight race but somehow I don’t think it will be. I am predicting Trump with 362 electoral votes.

Draft 1 — MN Democracy Def… by Breitbart News

You can read the entire ‘confidential working draft – not for public consumption’ above

The document makes many absurd claims and suppositions:

“The possibility of right-wing violence is real, as is the possibility of MPD inciting or enabling violence.” 

It is unclear who the MPD is accountable and answering to.”

We have seen violence spread all across the country but it is left wing violence. No rational person could believe that Trump supporters or ‘right wingers’ are the ones looting, rioting and committing arson in response to police shootings.  Black Lives Matter brags about and defends looting:

But ignore this … it’s the 75 year old retired couple or the small business owner looting, rioting and burning down the neighborhoods … again, these people think you are STUPID.

Burning, looting, assaulting and even killing. They are not worried about right wing violence. They just use that as an excuse and to try to deflect the blame from themselves. Name a right wing group that led mass looting. The burning of businesses. Attacking people just because it says that Democrats make communism great again.

From Breitbart News

TakeAction Minnesota, a nonprofit founded in 2006, is a coalition of 20 different organizations, including labor unions and advocacy groups for left-wing causes, and claims hundreds of thousands of members ready to be activated. It describes itself as a “multi-racial people’s organization building power for a government and economy that works for all of us.” 

The coalition is officially affiliated with far-left national organizations People’s Action and CPD Action, both funded by the George Soros-backed Democracy Alliance aimed at “resisting” President Trump.

Noting that Minnesota elections are administered mainly at the county level and as such “much of the process will be in the hands of local county officials,” the document goes on to warn that “such officials may be unfriendly or open to coercion by right-wing violence.”

The leftists are alarmed that President Trump could win Minnesota. It would be the first time Minnesotan went Republican since 1972. They are also in danger of losing a Senate seat and a House seat as well. To them, this would be a disaster. So, they are using an imaginary threat from yet unknown right-wing groups to cover for their violence.

If these folks are willing to burn the very communities down that they pretend to care about, there is only one conclusion in my view: they will stop at nothing to seize power.  They could care less about ‘democracy’ they refused to accept the result of the last election and they are planning on refusing to accept the results of this one … unless they get their way.  Stay safe and away from populated areas on election night and likely after.  I have a feeling that the left is up to no good, property is not losing your life to the mob over.

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