Kamala Gets Testy About Being Called a Socialist on 60 Mins, Sounded Like She Could Cry

Democrat Kamala Harris, who is the Democrat’s candidate for Vice President has a terrible habit of bobbing her head, pointing her finger and being shrill when she speaks that makes people feel uncomfortable, and she is seen by many as an unlikeable person, which is why she did so poorly in the Democrat Primary.

In a recent video for 60 Minutes, Harris is heard talking with Norah O’Donnell, about what many voters are saying, that she is a far-left and radical Democrat and does not represent even the average Democrat voter.

Joe Concha reacted to the video and said, “Credit to Norah O’Donnell pressing Harris on her record as being ranked the most liberal senator in the country. Harris’s nervous, awkward answer was telling.”

In the video, Harris laughs nervously, and almost sounds as if she is ready to cry.

Harris said on the video, her voice cracking, laughing..

“Here is what I am going to do, and I promise you this, this was part of our deal, and it’s what Joe wants me to do, is I am going to share my lived experience and I promised I would share my perspective with him,” Harris told O’Donnell.

And is that is Socialist or a Progressive point of view? O’Donnell asks.

“No,” Harris said laughing, “No it is a perspective of a Black woman who grew up a black child in America, and woman whose Mother came here at 19 years old, and a woman who was a prosecutor, who also likes Hip Hop,” she said almost crying. “What do you want to know?”Harris said.


Norah O’Donnell: “Well, actually, the nonpartisan gov-track has rated you as the most liberal senator. You are very different in the policies you have supported. You supported the Green New Deal and Medicare for all.”

Harris responded, awkwardly laughing and squirming, “Someone actually said that, it was actualling Mike Pence on the debate stage.”

The Trump campaign wrote: “CBS Norah O’Donnell reminds Kamala Harris she has the most left-wing voting record in the Senate after she tries to deny it.”

Fox News reported on the scoring: “Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris scored as the “most liberal” U.S. senator in 2019, according to a GovTrack analysis, outranking Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

According to GovTrack.us, an organization tracking U.S. Congress and information on lawmakers and their voting records, which touts itself as “one of the oldest government transparency websites in the world,” said Harris, D-Calif., was “ranked most liberal compared to All Senators” in 2019.

The group’s analysis was based on senators’ “legislative behavior by how similar the pattern of bills and resolutions they cosponsor are to other Members of Congress,” according to its website.”


  • Funny how ever since she joined Biden she’s been “cursed” with the dreadful “Hillary laugh”.
    Ya’know, that obnoxious CACKLING at any time for no apparent reason.
    Just watch her, why is she ALWAYS laughing?
    (maybe she’s laughing at JoeMentia)


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