Just In: Brand New Polls Of Swing States May Explain Joe Biden’s Desperation

[Opinion]  If we all learned one thing from Trump’s historic victory in 2016, it is that one can not trust polls.  Saul Alinsky famously said the ‘facts are tactics,’ and now a days, so are polls.

Modern day Americans have become so dumbed down from being constantly bombarded by lies from TV and print media.  Factor that in with the transformation of almost all digital entertainment into weaponized political propaganda.  Then account for the education system having been taken over by radical leftists and Americans didn’t stand a chance.

The establishment is praying that the band wagon effect from their never ending disinformation campaigns will be enough to convince the nation that ‘orange man bad.’  Well, some new polls seem to be troubling news for the ‘elite.’  Don’t looks now but President Trump has the lead, even in polls, in 3 major battleground states.

Fox News is reporting:

‘New polls in three crucial general election battleground states show President Trumpholding the edge over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The president tops Biden 51%-47% among likely voters in Florida and Trump holds a 1-point 49%-48% edge over the former vice president among likely voters in Arizona, according to ABC News/Washington Post public opinion surveys released on Wednesday. The president’s margins in both polls are within the sampling error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points, meaning the races are practically tied between the two candidates’

As someone who lives in Florida, I can tell you first hand, the enthusiasm for President Trump is off the charts.  Every week I see flash rallies is support of the President.  There are Trump lawn signs everywhere.  In all honesty, I think I have seen 3 Biden signs all year.  Perhaps people are just hidin’ their signs just like their candidate, Sleepy Joe Biden, is hidin’ himself.

According to these polls, Trump holds a 48%-46%  lead among likely voters in Georgia, based on a high voter turnout model that a Monmouth University survey released on Wednesday. To be fair, the 2% lead was well within the margin of error for the study, which was 4 points.

With 29 electoral votes, Florida is often the state which literally ‘swings’ the election.

President Obama won the state in both 2008 and 2012, and Trump edged out crooked Hillary in 2016.  If my observations are any indication, Trump is going to win the Sunshine State by a much larger margin this time, assuming all the voting is kosher.

Fox News went on:

The ABC News/Washington Post highlights that “a challenge for Biden is his tepid 13-point lead among Hispanics in the state (using registered voters for an adequate sample size); Hillary Clinton won Florida Hispanics by 27 percentage points in 2016.”

The ABC News/Washington Post poll in Arizona indicates that Biden tops Trump among Hispanic registered voters by a nearly two-to-one margin, leans among independent voters and college graduates. But the survey points out that “Trump makes it back by way of an advantage in party loyalty; among Arizona likely voters, Republicans outnumber Democrats by 7 points.”

Arizona has long backed Republicans in presidential elections. President Bill Clinton in 1996 was the only Democratic candidate to win the state since 1952. But Trump carried the state by just 3 points four years ago.

An average of all the most recent polls in Arizona compiled by Real Clear Politics indicates Biden with a 4.4 point edge over the president.’

If you look at the low voter turn out scenario in Georgia, Trump’s edge jumps to 5%.  Now keep in mind, according to Bloomberg Quint:

Some 11.7% of Republicans and 10.5% independents said they would not give their true opinion, vs. 5.4% of Democrats, according to the study by CloudResearch LLC, a Queens, N.Y.-based company that conducts online market research and data collection for clients. Among the reasons they gave was that “it’s dangerous to express an opinion outside of the current liberal viewpoint,” according to Leib Lit.’

Call me crazy, but with all the violence that Trump supporters have suffered since 2016, I would lay good money that most of those ‘shy’ voters are supporters of the President. However, that is just my theory.

Fox News concluded:

‘The survey points generational shifts, noting that “Trump has gained an advantage among voters age 65 and older – leading Biden by 61% to 36% now, versus trailing slightly by 48% to 52% in July. Biden is stronger, though, among voters age 50 to 64, leading Trump by 54% to 43% versus trailing slightly by 46% to 48% in July.”

Georgia – a red state for a couple of decades – tightened in the 2016 election, when Trump captured the state’s 16 electoral votes by just five points. An average of the latest public opinion surveys in Georgia compiled by Real Clear Politics indicates the president with a 1.2-point edge over Biden.’

No matter what the polls say, we all need to be sure we get out and vote.  The left is using fear and their most powerful tool, the control over the dissemination of information, to throw the election to Biden.  If we want to save this country from socialism, we all need to be sure we get to the polls this November.

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