Judge Issues Huge Ruling for Trump Campaign, Overturns Lower Court Who Barred Trump Observers From Being Close Enough To See Ballot Counting In Philly, 9′ Closer Authorized

As we get closer and closer to Inauguration Day, the fight to count ballots correctly is heating up.  In some states there have been court challenges over the right of party surrogates to witness the vote counting .  One side argues that they need space because of ‘ you know, the thing’ and the other says they want to be close enough to be able to make sure there is no malarkey going on.

You would have to think that everyone should want to ensure that all the legal votes that were cast were counted, and counted correctly.  I would be very suspicious of anyone who wants secrecy while counting ballots, no matter which side they are on, wouldn’t you?

Fox News is reporting:

‘A Pennsylvania appellate court handed the Trump campaign a victory Thursday by allowing it to have its representative as close as six feet away from the vote-counting process that is underway at the Convention Center in Philadelphia.

A campaign witness had testified that the ballot processing area was kept at a distance from poll watchers, with the closest table roughly 15 feet away from him and the farthest approximately 105 feet from where he was permitted to observe.

Judge Christine Cannon ruled that the lower court must now enter an order “requiring that all candidates, watchers or candidate representatives be permitted to be present for the canvassing process … and be permitted to observe all aspects of the canvassing process within six feet, while adhering to all COVID-19 protocols, including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.”

The witness said that due to the distance, he could not see if ballots were in secrecy envelopes, or if there were any issues with the ballots. The witness also claimed that workers would take ballots to a table behind all of their desks, but that “[w]e can’t see what they do [with the ballots].”

The witness also claimed that due to an echo in the Convention Center, it was difficult to hear what was happening.

In response, the City of Philadelphia had claimed that it has “broad discretion” in carrying out its election duties, and that the law only requires that observers be able to view the opening of envelopes and the counting and recording of ballots. In discussing the distance observers were required to maintain from the process, the city pointed to the coronavirus pandemic as a reason for needing extra space.’

President Trump took to Twitter, his direct path to the eyes of the American people and called the decision a “big legal win.”

I do not care which candidate you support, everyone should be for transparency.  Americans deserve to know what the heck is going on inside the facilities that are counting the votes.  As they say, justice be done, may the heavens fall.

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