Judge Charged For Allegedly Letting An Illegal Alien Escape Says She’s Victim Of Political Bias

A Massachusetts judge has been charged with obstruction of justice for helping an illegal alien escape from an ICE officer. She now claims political bias.

Here’s the story. She would not allow the ICE officer to wait in her court to arrest Jose Medina-Perez, an illegal alien.

The judge, Shelley Joseph, along with retired court officer Wesley MacGregor stands accused of aiding Medina-Perez from escaping from ICE.

She held a meeting at her desk and she instructed the clerk to turn off the recording device, which is against the law in Massachusetts as they plotted to sneak the illegal out the back door.

The agent waited in the lobby for hours and eventually left. Now, the judge is making the ludicrous claim of political bias. Her lawyers are asking for an investigation into the prosecutor.

If found guilty, the judge is looking at up to 29 years in federal prison.  She claims he is biased against her because he is against sanctuary cities.

From The Daily Caller

During a sidebar conversation between Joseph, Medina-Perez’s defense attorney and the assistant district attorney, it was relayed to Joseph that an ICE officer was waiting outside to apprehend him. She then asked the clerk to turn the courtroom recorder off — an apparent move to conceal the conversation and a violation of Massachusetts courtroom rules, according to the indictment.

When the recording came back on, the three agreed to let Medina-Perez go. However, instead of having him exit through the courtroom lobby, he was directed to leave through the rear exit that leads to a parking lot.

The ICE officer reportedly waited in the lobby for hours, and ultimately left empty-handed. Word immediately spread through the agency.

She actively conspired to help the illegal alien escape ICE apprehension, stopped the recording to hide her actions and lied about the incident to her superiors, prosecutors said. She was charged in April 2019 with conspiracy to obstruct justice.

However, Joseph is arguing that U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling has it out for her, and is pointing to a February op-ed by him where he criticizes sanctuary cities. Titled “Sanctuary cities are a ‘genuine and persistent threat,’” the op-ed specifically railed against a 2017 case where a local judge gave a rape suspect bail before he fled the United States.


  • I am so glad this woman is going to pay for what she has done. It is about time we crack down on these people who obstruct justice.

  • This judge, knowingly violated the law. As soon as she ordered the recording device disabled, that is I believe considered a felony. She and the court clerk are not the only conspirators in this. The prosecuting attorney is now also complicit, due to his apparent knowledge of the planing between the Judge, the Defense Attorney, and the client at the “sidebar conference”. He too should be charged along with the Judge, clerk, and both attorneys.

  • She broke the law! She’s expecting that crying will excuse her actions? Sorry, laws are there for a reason and that’s not to be broken!

  • She is not above the law !! If found guilty, she belongs in jail. Simple..

  • She did the crime, she can do the hard, long time!!! Judges don’t get to make the laws. I hope they make an example of her and scare the hell out of the other candy-a$$ judges into following the laws of the country. Stupid bint!


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