Huge News: African American VP of Flint, MI City Council Endorses Trump: ‘The Man Ain’t Racist’

The major problem in America is that all of our institutions have lost their credibility.  It started with the media.  Lying became a staple of not only the media, but the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA, the NSA, the White House, Congress, the Senate … every single institution in this country has blown its credibility.

If there is one crowd I do not need to explain this to, it is our readers.  We all remover the polls insuring us that Hillary Clinton was going to be the 45th president and that the election was just a formality.

Well, those same ‘elite’ who have been taking black voters for granite and trading off their tears and hardships for decades are yet to learn their lesson.  They thought they could get away with calling Trump a ‘racist’ without proof.  It worked for a while, but now people are starting to wake up to the scam as the credibility crisis worsens …

[Opinion] President Trump made a long list of campaign promises during his 2016 presidential campaign. Tax cuts, build the southern border wall, reducing regulations, investments in urban areas, fix trade deals, etc.

In spite of massive attacks from the fake news networks, a hostile US House of Representatives, and uncooperative intelligence agencies and liberal courts, Trump has kept all of his promises, plus some.

The Wall is nearing completion, US Embassy moved to Jerusalem, the economy, prior to the COVID shutdown, hit record highs, record low unemployment numbers for black, Hispanic and Asian Americans and women, criminal justice reform and urban enterprise zones etc.

As a result of actually working to improve the lives of all Americans, President Trump just received a huge endorsement from the Vice President of Flint, MI City City Council, Maurice Davis, who appeared in an interview on Newsmax to explain why he’s voting for President Trump.

100 Percent Fed Up – The Newsmax host, Greg Kelly, asked Mr. Davis, “When did you first notice Donald Trump as a guy to be admired and someone who could help out your community?” He responded, “When he first got elected. I was really happy when he came to Flint in the midst of our water crisis,” Davis responded, adding, “And he came to our side of town. I was very impressed with President Trump—when he was running.”

Kelly asked Davis if he remembers when President Trump spoke directly to the Black community, when he asked them, “What the hell do you have to lose?” Davis told Kelly, he remembered, and that he thought President Trump was speaking directly to his constituency. “We are an impoverished community,” he explained, adding, “

Nobody cares about the Blacks in Flint, but Mr. Trump gave us a lot of hope,” Davis told explained how he’s actually seen the results of the Trump administration trying to help them. “Since President Trump was elected, Sec. of State Ben Carson brought over $30 million to the city of Flint,” adding, “Obama been here— he said our water is fine, you know—ain’t nothing wrong with drinking lead! And Mr. Trump tried to do something about that!”

“He’s outstanding. He don’t care what nobody say, he stays focused on what needs to be done—I admire that!” Davis pushed back on the false narrative that Trump is a racist, telling the Newsmax host, “I wish other black folks would get on board because the man ain’t racist no kind of way—I never met him personally, but I go by your actions—and I don’t play!”

“Flint, MI needs a Trump! This side of the United States—Michigan, we are hurting for somebody like Trump that does what they say they gonna do!” Davis exclaimed.

David told Kelly that the city of Flint still has a problem with lead in their water, but that he believes President Trump and his administration will continue their efforts to help them fix their broken city. “Mr. Trump, he really tried to help poor folks. I don’t know where this new narrative come from with the racism and all this other mess.”

He continued, “I’m tired of people speaking for poor folks that don’t have poor folks at heart,” adding, “Mr. Trump would be the best thing for poor folks—and I’m mad about it, because if he don’t do it, what do we have to lose?”

Davis said a lot of “black folks” feel just like him, adding, “but they’re scared because of the ridicule they’ll get” for openly supporting Trump, warning, “You’re gonna find out on election day” that Trump is going to turn out the Black vote.

Wow, if this any indicator of how President Trump is perceived by the back community, 2020 will be a blowout. With the election so close any support President Trump receives in swing states like Michigan can decide the final outcome.

President Trump only received 8 percent of the African American vote in 2016, yes eight percent and he still won.

With the support of influential black social media personalities such Kanye, Terrence Williams, The Hodge Twins, and Candice Owen’s Brexit movement, to name a few, polling is showing a large increase in black support for the president.

Two months ago, black likely voter approval for President Trump in the Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll was at 40 percent.

Now polls are showing Trump’s support among African Americans as much lower, however these are the same polls that told us ‘Madam Hillary’ was going to be our 45th President.  Take it for what it is worth.

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  • Thank you Mr. Davis, You are so correct.. So many lies and corruption going about our President Trump. The Truth is Finally starting to come out. Think of All the money the Dems. have taken trying to impeach President trump. Our money, your money, Flints money, Michigan’s money from all it’s people and every state in this country.. People are being killed, lives destroyed because of the Lies that have been spread. I thank you for standing up for our President.. And I hope Flint continues to recover from this madness and prosper..


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