How Corrupt is the FBI? Evidence Suggests the Bureau Has Become a Separate and Perhaps Most Powerful Branch of Government [Opinion]

It was comforting to believe that former FBI Director James Comey was the responsible for the horrific (corrupt) handling of Hillary Clinton’s email prosecution, the obfuscation of the Weiner laptop, and the wholly unwarranted investigation of Donald Trump.

Sure, other high-level and senior officials were found to be up to their eyeballs in the bogus investigations but their jettisoning cleaned out the corruption… right?

Not by a longshot.

It’s hard to tell if the current director, Christopher Wray is even more corrupt than Comey or just more inept at hiding his cards.  Regardless, the picture that emerges of Wray does not evoke confidence in his role as a loyal lawman.

As we look back following three years of digging for dirt on candidate, and later, President Trump, the FBI, for a large period of time while working for a Special Prosecutor, came up empty.  

Significantly, Wray’s FBI went to great lengths to manufacture dirt against Trump.

It’s not until we realize that the FBI has been in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop since December of 2019… a laptop containing reams of evidence justifying President Trump’s request for investigative help from Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky… that we can fully grasp Christopher Wray’s corrupt intent.

President Trump was being subjected to an impeachment during December of 2019… the most egregious assault by the legislative branch of government against the president provided for in the Constitution… and Wray did nothing at a time when he could have shut it all down.

What’s that you say?  There’s no proof Wray knew anything about the laptop or what was on it?  C’mon man.  Has anyone been fired since news of how long the FBI has been in possession of the laptop has become public?

Consider this review of the facts from Sundance over at the Conservative Treehouse

As Bobulinski detailed the engagements, one of the more glaring aspects was how easily the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement apparatus could monitor everything that was happening. Many of the meetings were with foreign officials outside the U.S; and many of the structural parts of the network were assembled in locations easily infiltrated by the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

The Biden network’s attempted communication was not too sophisticated. Their electronic trail of communication was captured and recorded by people inside the network. There is a ton of evidence for what they were doing including text messages, emails, phone call records and traceable meetings with all of the participants as outlined by Bobulinski.

So, knowing that, why did the U.S. intelligence apparatus not do anything about it?

Obviously, as outlined during the interview, some of the initial set-up was taking place while Joe Biden was Vice-President. The aggregate U.S. intelligence apparatus was obviously monitoring these activities; it would be intellectually dishonest not to accept that at some level this was well known inside the U.S. government.

Later on, as Hunter Biden began a downward spiral of addiction and dangerously abhorrent behavior; and keeping in mind he was formerly in the U.S. military -and kicked out due to a cocaine addiction- so his risk behaviors and issues would have been known as a risk by the U.S. government; he was a prime target for an influence operation by foreign intelligence adversaries.   This would have been clear to anyone in the intelligence community and undoubtedly shared up the information chain.

Yet, at no point did anyone do anything to try and stop the construction of the schemes?

It just doesn’t make any sense… unless….

…Unless the objective of those within the U.S. intelligence background (writ large) was to capture and retain all of this information as part of a black file for use as leverage/control later on against a Biden administration, and likely the Biden family.

Let that marinate for a few minutes.  Wray led an FBI that did its damnedest to find or fabricate a compromise against Trump.  When he failed, he chose to allow impeachment to take place.

His treatment of candidate Joe Biden, by comparison, was 180 degrees the opposite.  With the Biden compromise in hand, Wray chose to say nothing.  Even now that the story has become public Wray remains silent, seemingly content with the possibility of controlling the next president of the United States.

Earlier today, former CIA analyst and Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary of the National Security Council, Fred Fleitz asked this question in an op-ed

Do our intel agencies serve the American people — or their own interests? 

FBI Director Wray’s actions leave little room to believe his FBI still serves the American people.


  • Now the FBI like any law enforcement agency has made mistakes throughout the years, but the bottom line is that they have kept this USA safe for over 150 years, now our present administration seems to think they are an extension of the White House to do the bidding of the President, that is what Autocratic Governments do. Now it seems like Barr and his associate Durham investigated the FBI actions during the Trump Campaign, and found that the FBI or no Intelligence agency did anything wrong that we did not already know about from the IG report of the agencies which said the minor administration mistakes made no difference in the outcome, yet Trump is stil thumping on the same theme that the FBI violated the law by spying on him, while the laws of this USA say every person running for President who survives the primaries has to be fully investigated because they will possibly have access to the highest level of the secrets of the USA.

    • This is nothing but “DOUBLE TALK” .. And the Democratic/Hussein infiltrated F.B.I. isn’t investigating Biden who is also running for President?? All Federal Law Enforcement agencies were contaminated by the Communist Hussein…

  • Obama used the FBI to spy on those he wanted to keep an eye on. The FBI corruption may go back to Hoover and his secret accumulation of blackmailable information on anyone he could use or disliked. The corruption seems to be rampant in the organization to the point it should be dissolved and it’s functions distributed.

  • The question of the century is simple this can any one trust the F.B.I.? They under Obama have committed a series of crimes that would have had them disbanded and their leadership hanged in public for treason, corruption and disgracing law enforcement.
    Again can they be trusted?

      FBI is as CROOKED as Lombard Street.
      Been posting that for 3 years now and people are only now realizing what a scumbag he really is.


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