He Flipped!? Former FBI Coup Kingpin, James Baker’s Notes Released Appear To Suggest General Flynn Is Innocent

[Opinion]  We have been speculating for a long time that former general counsel James Baker had flipped on his fellow coup plotters.  If this is the case, he would be the key witness that Barr and Durham would need to expose exactly what took place prior to the 2016 election … and thereafter.

With Trump ordering the declassification of many documents related to the spying operation on his team and HRC’s email woes, things are starting to take shape …

The notes of former General Counsel of the FBI, James Baker have just been released. They seem to confirm what we have believed for a long time. It sure looks a hell of a lot like Gen Michael Flynn was framed by the Obama administration. It may indicate that reports from early October of 2018 were correct. At that time it was being reported that Baker had turned state’s evidence.

This was never confirmed. However, his testimony was explosive. The full testimony never leaked … likely because it was not leaked because it did not suit Adam Schiff’s agenda. Coming out of the interrogation room, Republican members of the House said Baker’s testimony was pure dynamite. That’s what you would expect if he did turn on the Obama administration.

Baker testified that Rod Rosenstein had offered to wear a wire and record President Trump and that he had been trying to gather support to have Trump removed via the 25th Amendment. Rosenstein had tried to pass it off as if he was joking. Baker testified that Rosenstein was as serious as a heart attack.

If Baker did turn on Obama and his ilk, that is bad news for them. baker was in the middle of everything and he knows where the bodies are buried. I got to figure that someone will be willing to dig up the bodies. But if Biden wins in November, it will never happen. Evidence will be destroyed and witnesses will be silenced. it will be a complete cover-up.

From The Independent Sentinel

“Now whether that was a confidential human source taping an individual, that’s what I believe it is, but it’s important that we look at this because the whole narrative of ‘Spygate’ and tapping and all of that have been narratives that are out there but unproven,” Meadows, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, told Hill.TV.

“There’s a strong suggestion that confidential human sources actually taped members within the Trump campaign,” the Republican continued. “There is strong suggestions in that some of the text messages, emails, and so forth who was involved, that extraordinary measures were used to surveil.”

Meadows, a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, did not specify what information he has seen. But the Department of Justice has recently provided documents about the FBI’s investigation to several House committees, including Oversight and the House Judiciary Committee.

Techno [email protected]_Fog·DOJ produces new Flynn evidence – 1/25/17 Notes FBI OGC lawyer notes. Logan Act: “no reasonable prosecutor” would proceed. Flynn call w/ Kislyak similar to “other transition teams” “First time to use [Logan Act]”

Hans [email protected]·FBI Baker admits they never followed up to let Flynn clarify (instead they just charged him with lying). This is extremely important becauseIMHO, Flynn didn’t lie in the first place.  Had he been asked to clarify, he’d have explained the difference between sanctions and expulsions.

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