Kennedy: Tanden called Sanders everything but 'ignorant slut'
Michigan Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey BUSTED Telling Truth About Jan 6th.
"Strength" - A Froglegs Special Presentation
Trump’s Lawyer Michael Van Der Veen Let's CBSN Have It!
Biden breaks the internet as people try to firgure out what Joe is saying #IDon'tSpeakBiden
Lindsey Graham: “Donald Trump is the most dominant voice in the Republican party; not Mitch McConnell
Marjory Taylor Greene gives FIERY speech outside The Capitol Opposing the Equality Act
Is It Okay to Kill a One-Week-Old Baby?
Johnny Carson SLAMS Biden's Integrity
Jen Psaki Explains Biden's 'Solution' For Helping Small Business & It's ... Amazingly Stupid
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