Fox News Host Caught In A Raunchy, But Also Hilarious, X-Rated Scandal As A Photo On The Internet Shows The Provocative Side Of Anchor Brit Hume

Fox News host Brit Hume was caught in a little bit of an X rated scandal when he revealed a screenshot from his desktop.

Hume wanted to show what the betting odds for the 2020 presidential election looked like but he showed a lot more than that.

“Biden now clear favorite in betting odds as of 5:30 a.m. Tuesday,” he said with a screenshot that included an open tape for “Sexy Vixen Vinyl.”

There is no way to know precisely what Hume was looking for, but the first Google result for “Sexy Vixen Vinyl” is this lingerie at Yandy.

He deleted the tweet hours later and posted again with the new betting odds for the presidency as of Tuesday.

“Betting odds as of 8:15 Tuesday morning give Biden a commanding lead over Sanders. Trump still shown overwhelming favorite for reelection,” he said.

He deleted that tweet but he had a similar tweet on Sunday with the same tab open on his browser. That tweet has not been deleted.

“Betting odds as of 8:30 Sunday night showing serious signs of a Biden bounce from South Carolina win,” his tweet said.

Needles to say Twitter users had a fun time with it.

“Bet you didn’t have “Brit Hume Sexy Vixen Vinyl” on your Super Tuesday Bingo Card, huh,” one user said.

“Who’d a thunk Brit Hume was into ‘Sexy Vixen Vinyl’ . It’s always the most uptight ones isn’t it?” another said.

“Brit Hume proves why you should always check screenshots before tweeting,” another user said. “now we know you like sexy vixen vinyl Bad, bad boy.”

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