BREAKING: President Leaves Walter Reed in Motorcade for Quick Drive and Wave to Excited Supporters Outside Medical Center (VIDEO)

As a precautionary measure, the President’s medical team recommended President Trump be taken to Walter Reed on Friday for state of the art monitoring.

Since the president’s arrival, his supporters have been rallying outside to pray for Trump, honk and chant 4 more years hoping their presence would encourage our Commander In Chief.


President Trump on Saturday thanked everyone via video for the overwhelming support he has received since announcing he and First Lady Melania tested positive for Covid.

Far left reporters have been rage tweeting all weekend claiming President Trump’s doctors are lying to the American people by painting a rosy picture.

To show the left all is going well and to surprise the crowds, he put on his mask and waved to supporters from his motorcade.



Trump supporters go wild as the President drives by!



According to President Trump’s physicians, if his health continues to improve, he might be able to check out tomorrow returning to the White House.

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