Bombshell Senate Report: Hunter Biden Paid Women Linked To ‘Prostitution or Human Trafficking Ring’

[Opinion]  Readers of our blog know all too well just how much Hunter Biden likes so-called ‘sex workers.’   I am no expert on the subject so I could be mistaken, but I would consider strippers ‘sex workers.’ For argument’s sake, let’s lump them in the category.  While all strippers may not be selling physical contact, they are most definitely selling their bodies, at least to some extent.

The New York Post has reported on Hunter’s … extra curricular activities many times.  For instance, just last year the Post published a piece entitled ‘Strippers allegedly used sex toy on Hunter Biden at NYC’s Hustler Club’

In the article, Elizabeth Rosner, wrote ‘Hunter Biden spent several thousand dollars at a Manhattan strip club during a pair of visits — including one that sent a staffer scrambling to buy a sex toy so strippers could use it on him, sources told The Post on Wednesday.

Biden — who’s been dogged by a series of strip-club allegations uncovered by The Post this week — was accompanied by a woman both times he went to Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club NYC in Hell’s Kitchen about a year ago, the sources said.

On each occasion, he and his companion holed up in a private room, where they ordered bottles of pricey booze and were joined by several strippers, sources said.

During one particularly wild night, workers suspected Biden — son of former Vice President Joe Biden, the frontrunner in the Democratic primary race to challenge President Donald Trump — was high, and he was warned that drugs weren’t allowed on the premises, sources said.

That same night, a worker had to be sent out to purchase a dildo so the gals could use it on Hunter, sources said.

It’s unclear if the club didn’t have a similar device on hand or if he insisted on a brand-new one fresh out of the package.’

Sorry, to have you read that, but I think it’s important to know.  In fact, Hunter likes sex workers so much, that he got a stripper pregnant as well.  Around the same time, the Post also published a piece entitled ‘Hunter Biden’s ‘baby mama’ Lunden Roberts was stripper at club he frequented

‘The woman suing Hunter Biden for paternity was a stripper at a Washington, DC, club he frequented around the time he was dating his brother’s widow, sources told The Post.

Biden was repeatedly seen at the Mpire Club in the capital’s historic Dupont Circle neighborhood — where Lunden Alexis Roberts, the mother of his alleged love child, worked under the stage name “Dallas,” the sources said.

“He was well-known,” a source said of Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic front-runner to challenge President Trump next year.

Several Mpire workers said they recognized Roberts, 28, who last week filed court papers that say DNA testing proved Hunter, 49, fathered the child she gave birth to in August 2018.

Roberts worked there around the time she got pregnant — and when Hunter broke up with former sister-in-law Hallie Biden, the widow of his brother, the late Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, sources said.’

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.  Hunter Biden has no problem paying for sex.  Depending on your views concerning whether or not prostitution should be legal, (I think we can almost all agree it is not moral) you may draw different conclusions about what this tells up about Hunter’s character.

However, what if Hunter was having sex, for money, with human trafficking victims?  I think we could all agree that would be reprehensible.  What consenting adults do behind closed doors (not in a public business) is their own business.

However, when one party does not consent to sexual contact, we have a word for that … I think we all know what that word is.  As it turns out, the report that Senate Republicans previewed the other day had some extraordinary and sickening claims.  Claims that were not about money hustles, but rather human sex trafficking.

Fox News reports:

‘Among the deluge of explosive claims tucked inside the new Senate Republican report about Hunter Biden’s business dealings is the allegation that the Democratic presidential nominee’s son has a history of paying Russian or Eastern European women linked to sex trafficking.

While the 87-page report, which was released on Wednesday, provided few specific details regarding the allegation, it pointed to a number of Russian- and Ukrainian-connected transactions.

“Hunter Biden paid nonresident women who were nationals of Russia or other Eastern European countries and who appear to be linked to an ‘Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring,’” read the report from the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Finance Committees.

The GOP report did not link Biden in any way to trafficking but suggested that he potentially paid prostitutes, presumably without knowledge, who may have stemmed from such rings.

“There is extensive public reporting concerning Hunter Biden’s alleged involvement with prostitution services,” the report said.

But the report also said it could not confirm the allegations. In an interview on a radio show this week, the Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson acknowledged “we don’t have a great deal of information on it.”

The report described several scenarios: “Records on file with the Committees do not directly confirm or refute these individual reports. However, they do confirm that Hunter Biden sent thousands of dollars to individuals who have either: 1) been involved in transactions consistent with possible human trafficking; 2) an association with the adult entertainment industry; or 3) potential association with prostitution. Some recipients of those funds are Ukrainian and Russian citizens.”’

The fact that some of the women are said to be Russian is interesting on many levels.  Not the least of which is the apparent ‘projection’ of Hunter’s actions on to Donald Trump via the ‘Steele Dossier.’

Another thing that comes to mind is the Russian’s use of so called ‘Kompromat‘ or compromising information used to blackmail or influence a target.  Now, I wonder if a drug addicted, prostutue fornicating son of a Vice President and potential President of the United States would be something that Russian intelligence would be interested in.  Hmmm, I am going to go out on a limb and suggest, yes, this would be something the GRU would be VERY interested in.

Hunter Biden is Joe Biden’s Achilles Heel.  From my research, I believe that Hunter served as Joe’s ‘rat hole’ and was the laundry for many of the filth money scams Biden seems to have ran, or at least looked the other way on, while he was VP.  Again, this is just my opinion, but it seems to me that Biden is crooked and his son’s degenerecy leaves the family wide open to foreign influence operations.

This also makes me wonder if Joe or Hunter Biden had any sort of relationship with Jeffery Epstein or Ms. Maxwell.  I am yet to see any evidence suggesting the infamous duo were involved with the Bidens, but knowing Hunter’s … appetites, it begs the question.

The bottom line is that America can not afford to have a compromised president, America can not afford Joe Biden.

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