Authoritarianism Has Arrived In The US – New York Police Arrest Three People For Not ‘Social Distancing’

Carmine Sabia| Opinion| The jackboots have arrived in America, but do not worry everyone, the totalitarianism is for your own good.

Listen, we need to social distance and follow the Centers for Disease Control guidelines to help stop the spread of coronavirus.


But we are giving away our freedoms and not fighting back in what appears to be some ridiculous way, like arresting people and then packing them in tight cells for not keeping social distance.

This weekend three people in Brooklyn, New York were arrested for “failed to maintain social distancing,” The Intercept reported.

City officials promised that the most people would face for not complying were fines, but apparently arrests can be made,” The Intercept said.

In a criminal complaint, police claim an informant observed a group of about 25 people “hanging out” in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood last Friday night and that the defendants “refused to leave the location and disperse” despite the informant repeatedly asking them to do so.


But one of those arrested, a 37-year-old woman, disputed the facts described in the complaint, telling The Intercept that she had been in a parking lot with her boyfriend, who was also arrested, when she saw a group of people nearby dispersing into the street apparently after police ordered them to do so.

The woman, who asked not to be named because the charges against her remain pending, told The Intercept that a large group of officers, wearing no masks, approached her and her boyfriend and told them it was “time to leave,” then proceeded to grab her boyfriend before they could do so.

The interaction quickly escalated and officers pepper-sprayed two people as a crowd gathered to watch what was happening.

“They actually brought the crowd inside that parking lot once they started bothering me,” she said.

The woman was taken to the local precinct and then to central booking, where she shared a cell with two dozen other women for the next 36 hours.

 Only women who already had masks when they were arrested were allowed to keep them. There was no soap and the cell was dirty, but at one point an officer went around distributing drops of hand sanitizer to the women held there.

“They got us all bunched up in one cell,” she said. “Nobody gave us no tissues. Regular jail stuff. Once you go in there they are going to treat you like the scum of the earth.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that groups of people gathering and not social distancing would get a police warning.


He said if the people refused to disperse, or if police had to come back, they could be fined $250 or $500.

But New York Mayor Andrew Cuomo threatened to make social distancing a law and said that “The NYPD has to get more aggressive. Period.”


Again, we should do what the experts and officials are telling us to do. But the government is going to remember how simple it was to take control and this may not be the last time it happens.


Imagine what it could force everyone to do to “be safe” from global warming or guns. We have shown that we are willing to surrender our rights.

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