Austin, TX Guts Police Budget to Fund Abortions!

If you have been to Texas, it is similar to California, as it is a state of two tales.

The traditional Texan, rough and tough, working hard wrangling up cattle and drilling for oil, and progressive “social justice warriors”, in cities like Austin.

The state is close to becoming “purple” as more liberals move to the Lone Star State in search of lower taxes and more freedoms, but then vote for the same policies they just escaped from back home.

Austin, the capital of the state, has moved far left compared to the more rural areas, especially the Western parts.

From the huge influx of college students, brainwashed in Marxist ideology, and a rapidly increasing tech sector transplanting San Francisco bay area liberals to the metro area, the Austin City Council also reflects this new cultural makeup and is as far left as Portland, OR.

They just voted unanimously, last Thursday, to gut its police budget $150 million or 34% of its annual budget. With this huge cut in public safety, Austin will be reallocating these funds to areas like violence prevention, food access, and abortion access programs.

As in other liberal cities defunding their police, like NYC,  Austin is cutting their police force, which is already about 200 officers below full strength, while the city’s murder rate is spiking! So much for the Democrats’ mantra of “If it saves one life.”

The move comes after months of racial justice protests throughout the city, calling for defunding the police.

Not only will defunding police get innocent people killed, but the city council doubled down on that: Some of the funds that would have been devoted to law enforcement will be diverted to cover abortion in the city.

According to PJ Media, Margaret Sanger, racist founder of Planned Parenthood, undoubtedly would approve.

In crass political terms, the Austin City Council has moved public funds from police, who tend to be conservative, over to abortionists, who tend to pour millions of dollars into Democrat campaigns.

Austin’s mayor and city council evidently want the city to become Portland for the riots and Chicago for the weekend shooting sprees, turning Austin from weird to the wild west. Among the cuts, the council gutted the police department’s mounted patrol. That very unit broke up illegal street protests a couple of weekends ago, protests that reportedly aimed at taking over a chunk of downtown and turning it into one of those Seattle-style violent “autonomous zones.” Mounted police may not be around to stop the next one. So who will?

Here’s a clue: City Councilman Jimmy Flannigan literally urged police to just let the rioters take over the streets if they want to, during a recent council meeting after an illegal street protest turned deadly. Flannigan replaced the last Republican on the council when he won the seat, proving that elections do indeed have consequences. Flannigan has a Republican opponent in November — Mackenzie Kelly. She is running on a platform that includes supporting the police.

The Austin Police Association opposes the cuts, but they have no voice or advocate at City Hall at the moment. The mayor and council only listen to the far-left advocates who don’t think even this cut is enough. They don’t listen to business. They don’t listen to average citizens who contribute their taxes and build things. They just listen to the hardcore activists. The council tried to bully APD Chief Brian Manley into quitting. So far he’s staying put, but for how long? How long will any police officer in Austin stay on the job when the city’s top elected officials keep stabbing them in the back?

What a mess, and these decisions after very difficult to ever overcome long term.

As the city reallocated police assets and facilities, and their officers move to other communities, who still call for law and order, you can expect more theft, rapes, and murders.

Just like the open borders movement, these same people don’t care about those who are affected by the diminishing security, as long as they can get their likes and comments on social media from fellow Kool-aid drinking loonies.

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