Associated Press Has Confirmed That The Democrats Lied About Coronavirus Readiness

A fact check by the Associated Press (AP) has confirmed that Democrat presidential candidates are falsely claiming that President Donald Trump cut funding and personnel needed to fight coronavirus.

Yes, we live in an age where Democrats are politicizing a virus to politically harm the president of the United States.

From Breitbart:

On Tuesday, Breitbart News fact-checked “mostly false” claims by former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg during the Democrat debate in South Carolina. Bloomberg claimed that Trump had “fired” a pandemic specialist at the White House, and “defunded” the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The implication: Trump was to blame for the spread of coronavirus — even though there have been just over a dozen cases and no fatalities in the U.S.

The truth: the pandemic specialist had left voluntarily during a reorganization of the bloated National Security Council (NSC), and the CDC cuts — as the agency wound down its Ebola response — were only proposed, not enacted.

We pointed out yesterday that Trump did not defund the CDC nor fire the pandemic specialist.

On Thursday, the AP confirmed in an article titled “AP FACT CHECK: Democrats distort coronavirus readiness,” that much of what the Democrats are saying about Trump’s response to the coronavirus challenge is a load of bullschtein:

Democratic presidential contenders are describing the federal infectious-disease bureaucracy as rudderless and ill-prepared for the coronavirus threat because of budget cuts and ham-handed leadership by President Donald Trump. That’s a distorted picture. For starters, Trump hasn’t succeeded in cutting the budget.

He’s proposed cuts but Congress ignored him and increased financing instead. The National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aren’t suffering from budget cuts that never took effect.

Some public health experts say a bigger concern than White House budgets is the steady erosion of a CDC grant program for state and local public health emergency preparedness — the front lines in detecting and battling new disease. But that decline was set in motion by a congressional budget measure that predates Trump.

“The CDC’s response has been excellent, as it has been in the past,” said John Auerbach, president of the nonpartisan Trust for America’s Health, which works with government at all levels to improve the nation’s response to high-risk health crises. Some Democrats have charged that Trump decimated the nation’s public health leadership, but Auerbach said CDC’s top scientific ranks have remained stable during the past three years.

The changes in the Trump administration — the restructuring and the proposed CDC cuts — were overdue, as the Ebola crisis had faded. It was bad luck that a new public health crisis emerged at that precise moment.  Even so, the Congress never voted on the CDC cuts, so no cuts were ever made.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently said in an interview that President Trump fired the staff, which is a lie, and she went on to contradict herself in the same statement by saying that the president requested $2 billion to fight coronavirus, and it isn’t enough.  She went on to say that we should be spending what we spent on Ebola.  Then, she actually complained that Trump is planning on spending the leftover money from the Ebola project, which means we didn’t spend enough on Ebola either, according to her logic, because there is enough money left over after the mission ended for Trump to want to spend as resources on coronavirus.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is saying pretty much the same things about Trump’s inadequate readiness.

The Democrats don’t care about actually doing something to combat this virus as much as they care about politicizing it to hurt Trump in November.  These people are beyond the pale.  They are out of control.

Another thing Trump did right was he departed from normal protocol in an important way.  Democrats widely criticized him doing a travel ban from China and other places that are hit hard by the coronavirus, which is something the AP says isn’t typically done, but in the end, the president most likely prevented a much larger outbreak that could have happened here, and he bought the government some time to prepare a proper response and to educate the American people about what’s going to take place.

You can read the entire AP fact check by clicking here.

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  • It really sickens me and the American people to continue to see how sick our Democrats continue to be…I hope and pray that they are stopped soon as possible or we will have a major crisis in our country caused by these pyscopaths


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