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The Range is a 24 hour, 7 day per week video and audio streaming network. Our programming is delivered to nearly 180 million Connected TV users via Roku, Amazon Fire and AppleTV and to over 120 million digital radio listeners via iHeart Radio.

Our programming format is a combination of news talk video podcasts, documentaries and variety entertainment. The make up of the content tends to reflect traditional American values, personal liberty and free market capitalism ideals.

Live programming makes up 30% of our streaming content and we plan to increase that number to 50% by end of calendar year 2019.

Advertising Opportunity

The Range offers several advertising formats including host read endorsements, on-screen banner ads, top-of-show and bottom of show recorded ads, email campaigns to over 950,000 active email subscribers, live remotes and brand ambassador campaigns.

Certain advertisers will be permitted “Exclusive in Category” status which signal to our audience an exclusive allegiance to your brand.

Advertisers are welcomed and encouraged to appear as guests on our programs and will be afforded the opportunity to promote their brand, service or products.

Studio naming opportunities will be offered as well as branded call-in lines.


The Range offers advertisers an opportunity to build their brand nationally and internationally via our wide-reaching broadcasting platform. Because this is an early adopter opportunity, rates are extremely competitive and can be locked in for up to 1 year. The Range will act as a partner with our advertisers with the ultimate goal of increased revenues resulting from The Range’s high level of co-branding promotions.


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